Ancient geography.

Books by Butler Samuel

Books by Moll Herman (1654-1732)

Herman Moll was a London cartographer, engraver, and publisher.

Compendium of Ancient Geography by D’Anville Jean Baptiste Bourguignon  (1791)

An epitome of ancient geography by Mayo Robert (1818)

A compendium of ancient geography by Samuel Doria (1849)

Manual of ancient geography and history by Pütz Wilhelm; Arnold Thomas Kerchever (1851)

Handbook of ancient geography and history by Pütz Wilhelm (1853)

Mitchell's ancient geography by Mitchell Samuel Augustus (1857)

Course of ancient geography by Schmidt Henry Immanuel (1860)

The student's manual of ancient geography by Bevan William Latham (1867)

History Of Ancient Geography Vol.1 by Bunbury E.h. (1879)

History Of Ancient Geography Vol.2 by Bunbury E.h. (1879)

A Manual of Ancient Geography by Heinrich Kiepert (1881)

History Of Ancient Geography by Akhtar J. D. (1897)

A History Of Ancient Geography by Tozer Henry Fanshawe (1897)

The Centre Of Ancient Civilization Discoveries In Ancient Geography And Mythologies by H. D. Daunt (1926)

History Of Geographical Discovery And Exploration by Baker J.n.l. (1931)