Signs and Symbols.

An illustrated dictionary of the gods and symbols of Ancient Mexico and the Maya by Miller Mary, Taube Karl

Ancient Pagan and Modern Christian Symbolism with an Essay on Baal Worship, on the Assyrian Sacred by Inman Thomas

Dictionary of Symbols by J. C. Cirlot

Dictionary of symbols

Dictionary of Occult Hermetic Alchemical Sigils and Symbols by Gettings Fred

Fabulous Creatures, Mythical Monsters, and Animal Power Symbols. A Handbook by Eason Cassandra

Images of the Divine: The Theology of Icons at the Seventh Ecumenical Council

Man and his Symbols by Jung Carl G.

Secret Language: Codes, Tricks, Spies, Thieves, and Symbols by Blake Barry J.

Signs & Symbols: An Illustrated Guide to Their Origins and Meanings by Kindersley Dorling

Signs and Symbols Illustrated and Explained by Oliver George

Signs and symbols: their design and meaning by Frutiger Adrian

Symbol and the symbolic: Egypt, science, and the evolution of consciousness by de Lubicz R A Schwaller

The book of secrets: esoteric societies and holy orders, luminaries and seers, symbols and rituals by Pineda Daniel

The Divine Feminine in Ancient Europe: Goddesses, Sacred Women and the Origins of Western Culture by MacLeod Sharon Paice

The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols: The Ultimate A-Z Guide from Alchemy to the Zodiac by Nozedar Adele

The Illustrated Book of Signs and Symbols. 1000s of Signs and Symbols From Around the World Bruce-Mitford M.

The Secret Language of Symbols: A Visual Key to Symbols Their Meanings Fontana David

The Secret Language of Tarot by Ann Ruth, Amberstone Wald

The Eastern Mysteries An Encyclopedic Guide to the Sacred Languages & Magickal Systems of the World by Hulse David Allen

The Western Mysteries: An Encyclopedic Guide to the Sacred Languages & Magickal Systems of the World by Hulse David Allen

Viral Mythology: How the Truth of the Ancients was Encoded and Passed Down through Legend, Art, and Architecture by Jones Marie, Flaxman Larry