Paranormal events are purported phenomena described in popular culture, folk, and other non-scientific bodies of knowledge, whose existence within these contexts is described as being beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding.

The Bermuda Triangle

Beyond The Occult. Twenty Years' Research into the Paranormal by Colin Wilson

Mysteries. An Investigation into the Occult, the Paranormal and the Supernatural by Colin Wilson

Paranormal America. Ghost Encounters, UFO Sightings, Bigfoot Hunts, and Other Curiosities in Religion and Culture by Christopher Bader, F. Mencken, Joseph Baker

Paranormality. Why We See What Isn't There by Richard Wiseman

Pseudoscience and the Paranormal by Terence Hines

Mysteries, Legends, and Unexplained Phenomena

Throughout history, people have had amazing experiences they could not fully explain. From chance encounters with strange creatures to sightings of mysterious lights in the sky, from ghostly apparitions in haunted houses to psychic visions of the future, these occurrences have fueled the idea that entities, powers, and dimensions may exist beyond the everyday world. Each book in the "Mysteries, Legends, and Unexplained Phenomena" series examines one area of the paranormal and provides the perfect starting point for young readers and researchers alike. With case studies written in a lively 'you-are-there' style and objective accounts of both fact and folklore, these books offer an evenhanded look at mysterious phenomena. Each title includes a historical overview, details of key cases or sightings, evidence that supports or debunks them, theories about possible explanations, and field guides for readers interested in conducting their own supernatural investigations. Designed to inspire readers' imaginations while informing on the known facts in these mysteries, this compelling series is written by occult experts with firsthand experience in researching and investigating the paranormal.

Books by Guiley Rosemary Ellen

Rosemary Ellen Guiley was an American writer on topics related to spirituality, the occult, and the paranormal.

Dreams and Astral Travel by Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Encyclopedia of Angels by Guiley Rosemary Ellen

Ghosts and Haunted Places by Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Harper's Encyclopedia of Mystical & Paranormal Experience by Guiley Rosemary Ellen

The Quotable Saint by Guiley Rosemary Ellen

The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology by Guiley Rosemary Ellen

The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits by Guiley Rosemary Ellen

The Encyclopedia of Magic and Alchemy by Guiley Rosemary Ellen

The Encyclopedia of Saints by Guiley Rosemary Ellen

The Encyclopedia of Vampires, Werewolves, and Other Monsters by Guiley Rosemary Ellen

The Encyclopedia of Witches, Witchcraft, and Wicca by Guiley Rosemary Ellen

The Tao of Dreaming by Guiley Rosemary Ellen

The Vengeful Djinn. Unveiling the Hidden Agenda of Genies by Guiley Rosemary Ellen

Witches and Wiccans by Rosemary Ellen Guiley