Carletti Francesco (1573-1636).

He was the first private traveler to circumnavigate the globe (1594-1602). He left with his father, Antonio Carletti, a merchant, to the islands of Cape Verde to buy African slaves to be sold in the West Indies. From there went to the Spanish colonies in Panama, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and again to Mexico. They sailed from Acapulco to the Philippines in the Manila galleon and arrived on the island of Luzon, where they remained one year.

Then they moved to Japan and China, where his father Antonio died in 1598. Left alone, Francesco went to India and came to Goa, home to the Portuguese viceroy, where he remained for some time.

Taken by homesickness, he loaded on a Portuguese ship all his merchandise and sailed to Portugal. On the island of St. Helena he was attacked and his wealth plundered by Dutch ships. He eventually returned to Florence without his accumulated wealth. The Grand Duke Ferdinand I, who had protected him during the journey, took him to court. Francesco Carletti collected his travel experiences in twelve Arguments, dedicated to Ferdinand I.

My voyage around the world by Carletti Francesco (1964)