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Erich Anton Paul von Däniken (born 14 April 1935) is a Swiss author of several books which make claims about extraterrestrial influences on early human culture, including the best-selling "Chariots of the Gods?", published in 1968. Von Däniken is one of the main figures responsible for popularizing the "paleo-contact" and ancient astronauts hypotheses.

The ideas put forth in his books are rejected by a majority of scientists and academics, who categorize his work as pseudohistory, pseudoarchaeology, and pseudoscience. Early in his career, he was convicted and served time for several counts of fraud or embezzlement, and wrote one of his books in prison.

Von Däniken later became a co-founder of the Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI Research Association (AAS RA). He designed Mystery Park (now known as Jungfrau Park), a theme park located in Interlaken, Switzerland, that opened in May 2003.

Arrival of the Gods. Revealing the Alien Landing Sites of Nazca by von Daniken Erich

The author describes the earth etchings of Nazca, and traces the history of the theories about their origin and purpose. The solution he puts forward is that at some point in the past, extraterrestrials landed at Nazca in their space machines.

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Chariots of the Gods. Unsolved Mysteries of the Past by von Daniken Erich

The groundbreaking classic that introduced the theory that ancient Earth established contact with aliens. Immediately recognized as a work of monumental importance, Chariots of the Gods endures as proof that Earth has been visited repeatedly by advanced aliens from other worlds. Here, Erich von D niken examines ancient ruins, lost cities, spaceports, and a myriad of hard scientific facts that point to extraterrestrial intervention in human history. Most incredible of all, however, is von D niken's theory that we are the descendants of these galactic pioneers--and he reveals the archeological discoveries that prove it... The dramatic discoveries and irrefutable evidence: - An alien astronaut preserved in a pyramid - Thousand-year-old spaceflight navigation charts - Computer astronomy from Incan and Egyptian ruins - A map of the land beneath the ice cap of Antarctica - A giant spaceport discovered in the Andes Includes remarkable photos that document mankind's first contact with aliens at the dawn of civilization.

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Evidence of the Gods. A Visual Tour of Alien Influence in the Ancient World by von Daniken Erich

Ancient humans had the natural urge to document the world in which they lived, a fact that is evident in the cave paintings and carvings that still exist today. Why do rock paintings from various sites around the world all seem to depict the same things? Did the peoples of the prehistoric world have contact with each another? Is it possible that some were transported to far-flung locations in what our ancestors could only have described as "flying chariots"?Erich von Däniken, one of the best-selling authors of all time and regarded by many as the father of the ancient alien theory, continues his mission to uncover Earth's ancient past--this time with more than 150 extraordinary full-color photographs--in Evidence of the Gods.This extensively illustrated book features never-before-seen photographs from his unique archive, compiled throughout decades of searching around the world for traces of the cosmic gods whom he believes came to Earth thousands of years ago. Evidence of the Gods offers the best and most impressive evidence to date, along with concise explanations for the images, to bolster the case that von Däniken has already been making quite convincingly for years.Evidence of the Gods is his most convincing--and thoroughly entertaining--work yet.Did extraterrestrial visitors really leave their unmistakable traces on our planet thousands of years ago?The images will speak for themselves.

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Exposed, Uncoverd, and Declassified. UFOs and Aliens - Is There Anybody Out There? by von Daniken Erich

What are UFOs? Why are they here? What is the Government not telling us? Exposed, Uncovered, and Declassified: UFOs & Aliens strives to address all of these questions - and more - by covering new evidence of famous sightings and contact with aliens, and uncovering classified files from world-class collections and archives - all courtesy of the world's leading experts on modern ufology. Nuclear physicist and world-renowned UFO expert Stanton T. Friedman discusses how close we really are to interstellar travel. Erich von Daniken, father of the ancient astronaut theory, discusses the possibility and evidence of ancient hybrid creatures created by visiting god-like aliens. Nick Pope, former member of the British Ministry of Defence, covers the latest UFO documents released by the UK's National Archives, including such fascinating information as: what Churchill knew, why the documents are being released now, what's in them, and what's still being withheld. Donald R. Schmitt, the former co-director of the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies, takes on the aftermath of the Roswell incident, discussing in detail the initial stages of the government's cover-up attempts. Air Force veteran Thomas J. Carey chronicles the militarys attempts to intimidate people into not telling their stories about what they have seen with their own eyes. The niece of Betty and Barney Hill, Kathleen Marden, gives a short history of cases of alien abduction, many which continue to baffle the American public and UFO investigators alike. Nick Redfern provides a fresh take on the famous 1953 UFO crash in Kingman, Arizona, and explores its possible connection to a government program to reverse-engineer alien spacecraft. Something is out there, and Exposed, Uncovered, and Declassified: UFOs & Aliens will help us find out exactly what - or who - it is.

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Gods From Outer Space, Return to the Stars or Evidence for the Impossible by von Daniken Erich

Erich von Daeniken has a very interesting approach to investigating the origins of the human race (do we come from the outer space?). He is not an educated archaeologist - he is an hotelier with great interest in history of human race, of its origins. He is ready to travel wherever there is something interesting to be seen and not yet fully explained by contemporary science. He does not claim that what he says is the truth (unlike many people who write these sorts of alternative-history books) - he only raises questions, brings forth very interesting findings.

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History Is Wrong by von Daniken Erich

Erich von Daniken again shows his flair for revealing the truths that his contemporaries have missed. After closely analyzing hundreds of ancient and apparently unrelated texts, he is now ready to proclaim that human history is nothing like the world religions claim - and he has the proof! In History is Wrong , Erich von Daniken takes a closer look at the fascinating Voynich manuscript, which has defied all attempts at decryption since its discovery, and makes some fascinating revelations about the equally incredible Book of Enoch. Von Daniken also unearths the intriguing story of a lost subterranean labyrinth in Ecuador that is said to be home to an extensive library of thousands of gold panels. He supplies evidence that the metal library not only has links to the Book of Enoch but also to the Mormons, who have spent decades searching for it, believing it to contain the history of their forefathers. And what about the mysterious lines in the desert of Nazca that look like landing strips when viewed from the air? Archeologists claim they are ancient procession routes. "Think again!" cries von Daniken as he reveals the data that the archeologists never even thought to check. History is Wrong will challenge your intellect - and maybe a few long-held beliefs.

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In Search of Ancient Gods. My Pictorial Evidence For The Impossible by von Daniken Erich

Miracles of the Gods by von Daniken Erich

Odyssey of the Gods. The History of Extraterrestrial Contact in Ancient Greece by von Daniken Erich

Erich von Däniken's monumental Chariots of the Gods changed the way generations have looked at mythology, ancient history, and the possibility of advanced beings from other worlds visiting Earth. Now he tackles the history of Greece and again challenges our beliefs about how our civilization arose.Using painstaking archaeological research and evidence from the writings of Plato and Aristotle, he suggests that the Greek "myths" were, in fact, very much a reality, that the Greek "gods" were actually extraterrestrial beings who arrived on Earth many thousands of years ago.Many of you may find von Däniken's conclusions astounding, but they are argued with such vigor and clarity that you'll be forced to consider the implications of his findings for mankind.Odyssey of the Gods includes new, eye-opening information about:A revolutionary interpretation of the sites and legends of ancient GreeceThe conflict between "alien" gods and humansThe true origin of centaurs, the Cyclops, and other "mythical" creaturesA startling new explanation of the Atlantis legend.

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Pathways to the Gods. The Stones of Kiribati by von Daniken Erich

Explores new evidence of the presence of ancient astronaut gods as revealed in the unusual artifacts and sites discovered on the remote Kiribati Islands of the South Pacific.

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Remnants of the Gods. A Virtual Tour of Alien Influence in Egypt, Spain, France, Turkey, and Italy by von Daniken Erich

We live in an age of information. But there are things in our prehistory "about which we do not have the faintest idea," writes best-selling author Erich von D niken in his gripping new book, Remnants of the Gods . Stone structures erected by master builders, mysterious underground complexes, geometrically aligned stone circles, the breathtaking pyramids of Egypt--who built them? And, perhaps more importantly, where did these builders obtain such incredible knowledge? Erich von D niken shows in detail how whole countries were surveyed thousands of years ago. Hundreds of Stone Age holy places are located at equal distances from one another, forming giant squares and triangles. How was all of this possible? Classic archaeology provides no answers to these questions. Worse still, it doesn't even appear to be interested. Are we all threatening to become "camp followers of disinterest," as Erich asks? Featuring more than 160 color photos and illustrations, Erich reveals the secrets of "impossible buildings" in Europe and the Mediterranean region, describes "crazy facts," and relentlessly exposes false doctrines. Remnants of the Gods will make even strident skeptics reconsider what they think they know of the past.

Return To The Stars by von Daniken Erich

Signs of the Gods by von Daniken Erich

The Ancient Alien Question A New Inquiry Into the Existence, Evidence, and Influence of Ancient Visitors by Coppens Philip, von Daniken Erich

"The Ancient Alien Question provides a captivating adventure around the world and sheds an interesting perspective on the Ancient Astronaut Theory. It raises questions that culminate in well-thought-out, and sometimes downright startling, conclusions. A must-read for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge horizon in this kick-ass field." Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, author, Gods or Ancient Aliens? producer, Ancient Aliens: The Series

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The Eyes of the Sphinx. The Newest Evidence of Alien Contact in Ancient Cultures

The world-famous bestseller Chariots of the Gods introduced the theory that ancient Earth had established contact with aliens. Now, Erich von D niken's The Eyes of the Sphinx reveals startling evidence that could prove it. Erich von D niken's theory of alien contact with the ancient world is so incredible, yet so logical and convincing, that it has become part of a wide-ranging debate that continues to this day. His claims that an alien race helped create the pyramids of Egypt were based upon the ruins themselves. And it is these ruins that now provide researchers with a never-ending source of clues, compelling discoveries, revelations, and evidence that Earth was indeed colonized by an alien race.

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The Gods and Their Grand Design by von Daniken Eric

The Gods Never Left Us The by von Daniken Eric

When Chariots of the Gods was published 50 years ago, it began a worldwide change in humanity's view of the cosmos. In an era of the military space race, Erich von D?niken boldly proclaimed that Earth had been visited by more advanced beings early in our history. But prescientific man had no concept of space ships, so he called their vehicles "chariots," and those driving the chariots became "gods." Over the next five decades, von D?niken's more than 40 books built an ever-stronger case for Earth being visited by extraterrestrial visitors. And Chariots became an international best seller, with 30 million copies sold in more than two dozen languages. Also during that time, the case for ET visitations millennia ago was being reexamined by contemporary UFO researchers, who found evidence of modern visitations. And von D?niken expanded his perspective to encompass the present. Now, he presents his long-awaited sequel to Chariots of the Gods , proclaiming that the gods never left us with all-new material to show that ancient aliens are still with us. The Gods Never Left Us contends that recent advancements in biotechnology, astrophysics, engineering, and artificial intelligence not only give us a fresh perspective on his ancient astronaut theory but actually validates it. We are - as a race - embarking on the exact same trajectory of our own interplanetary colonization, just as von D?niken suggested Earth itself was colonized. ETs are definitely at work today. And that affects all of us. Why do they do what they do? What could an extraterrestrial species possibly gain from observing us in the same way we look at ants? What have these strangers wanted for the past thousands of years? Can't they leave us alone? And what makes it so difficult for us to acknowledge the existence of these extraterrestrials? That is what this book deals with.

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The Gods Were Astronauts. Evidence of the True Identities of the Old Gods by von Daniken Erich

Who or what were the gods of our ancient traditions? How can both known and previously overlooked contradictions in the Bible be explained? In this text, the author's sources and analysis lend support to the theory that the deities were real entities - alien life forms with advanced technology.

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The Gold of The Gods by von Daniken Erich

The Mysterious Master Builders of the Stone Age by von Daniken Erich

This captivating book exposes readers to the question classic archaeologists can't seem to answer: how were some of our great Stone Age structures built? Impossible constructions, such as the Egyptian pyramids, required such amazing precision and mechanical ability that some archaeologists still wonder how they were ever built during their time. This book is a fun and investigative read that will get people interested in ancient history. It will also undoubtedly inspire any reluctant reader to fly through the pages.

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The Return of the Gods. Evidence of Extraterrestrial Visitations Book by von Daniken Erich

This work studies ancient texts for signs of extraterrestrial visitations. The author examines these texts to answer questions like were Adam and Eve in a biosphere? He also claims the monsters of myth were genetically engineered.

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The Stars by von Daniken Erich

The War of the Chariots by von Daniken Erich, Clifford A. Wilson

Tomy and the Planet of Lies by von Daniken Erich

Erich von Daniken claims to have never seen a UFO. But in the fall of 1987, on a desert ride, he experienced a close encounter of a very different kind. A being materialized before his eyes, and since the "thing" had no name, von Daniken called it "Tomy." This book is the story of Tomy. Some say that Tomy is a scientific impossibility. Yet Tomy was there, science or not. After all, Tomy had for a few weeks lived among us, and that was enough for plenty of interpersonal relationships. God knows that von Daniken was not the only one who had known Tomy; others could see him, as well. Now, after nineteen years of silence, von Daniken has decided to make public the incredible story of Tomy. Here, the bestselling author of Chariots of the Gods makes his foray into the world of fiction. Tomy and the Planet of Lies is a thrilling adventure novel that will keep listeners on the edge of their seats.

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Twilight of the Gods The Mayan Calendar and the Return of the Extraterrestrials by von Daniken Erich

Von Daniken's Proof by von Daniken Erich