Books by Lynn Picknett, Clive Prince.

Lynn Picknett is a writer, researcher, and lecturer on the paranormal, the occult, and historical and religious mysteries.

Turin Shroud: In Whose Image? the Truth Behind the Centuries-Long Conspiracy of Silence (with Clive Prince)

The Templar Revelation (with Clive Prince)

Stargate Conspiracy: The Truth about Extraterrestrial Life and the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt (with Clive Prince)

Double Standards: The Rudolf Hess Cover-Up (with Clive Prince and Stephen Prior)

War of the Windsors: A Century of Unconstitutional Monarchy (with Clive Prince and Stephen Prior)

Encyclopedia of Dreams

Friendly Fire. The Secret War between the Allies (2004) (with Clive Prince and Stephen Prior)

The Sion Revelation (2006) (with Clive Prince)

The Masks of Christ: Behind the Lies and Cover-ups About the Man Believed to Be God (2008) (with Clive Prince)

The Forbidden Universe (2011) (with Clive Prince)

The Loch Ness Monster (Pitkin Guides)

Royal Romance an Illustrated History of the Royal Love Affairs

Mary Magdalene: Christianity's Hidden Goddess

The Secret History of Lucifer

Mammoth Book of UFOs

Flights of Fancy? 100 Years of Paranormal Experiences