Books by Glanvill Joseph.

Joseph Glanvill FRS was an English writer, philosopher, and clergyman. Not himself a scientist, he has been called "the most skillful apologist of the virtuosi", or in other words the leading propagandist for the approach of the English natural philosophers of the later 17th century.

Essays on several important subjects in philosophy and religion by Glanvill Joseph (1676)

Saducismus triumphatus, or, Full and plain evidence concerning witches and apparitions by Glanvill Joseph (1681)

Scepsis scientifica: or, confest ignorance, the way to science; in an essay of the vanity of dogmatizing, and confident opinion  by Glanvill Joseph (1665)

Two choice and useful treatises: the one Lux orientalis; or an enquiry into the opinion of the Eastern sages concerning the praeexistence of souls ... [By J.G.] Being a key to unlock the grand mysteries of providence. In relation to man's sin and misery. The other, A discourse of truth by Glanvill Joseph (1682)