Books by Chao C. Chien.

Chao C. Chien is the archetypal researcher/writer and the quintessential écrivain extraordinaire. A natural story teller, Chien comes with a multicultural intellectual background. As an ethnic Chinese who spent his youth in Hong Kong, Chien obtained his degree in engineering from the University of Michigan.

The Chinese Origin of the Age of Discovery. Proof Columbus did not discover America by Chao C. Chien

The Hunt for the Dragon. The sequel to “The Chinese Origin of the Age of Discovery.” Discusses the possibility of the Zheng He-led Ming Chinese fleets having reached the Americas by Chao C. Chien

2000 Years of World History. The history of human civilization told in one breath, unrestricted by national boundaries by Chao C. Chien

Once Upon a Time in Hong Kong. An Epic Crime Thriller with a Wicked Twist by Chao C. Chien

The Chinese Origin of the Age of Discovery, Traditional Chinese Character Edition by Chao C. Chien

In Search of Troy. An Unusual History Detective Story by Chao C. Chien