America. Discovery and exploration.

Foxe Luke (1586-1635)

An English explorer, born in Kingston-upon-Hull, Yorkshire, who searched for the Northwest Passage across North America. In 1631, he sailed much of the western Hudson Bay before concluding no such passage was possible. Foxe Basin, Foxe Channel and Foxe Peninsula were named after him.

A general history of all voyages and travels thoughout the Old and New world, from the first ages to this present time. Illustrating both the ancient and modern geography. Containing an accurate description of each country by Bellegarde, M. l'abbé de (Jean Baptiste Morvan), 1648-1734; Du Perier, of the Académie royale des sciences, Paris (1708)

The discovery of America by the Northmen by Beamish North Ludlow (1841)

The pioneer heroes of the new world : from the earliest period (982) to the present time by Brownell Henry H. (1859)

A popular history of the discovery of America from Columbus to Franklin by Kohl Johann Georg; Noel Robert Ralph (1865)

Voyages to the east coast of America, in the XVI century by Willis William (1869)

A book of American explorers by Higginson Thomas Wentworth (1877)

America not discovered by Columbus. An historical sketch of the discovery of America by the Norsemen in the tenth century by Anderson Rasmus Björn (1883)

The discoveries of America to the year 1525 by Weise Arthur James (1884)

The first three English books on America 1511-1555 A.D. : being chiefly translations, compilations, etc. (1885)

by Cabot Sebastian; Anghiera Pietro Martired; Münster Sebastian

Stories of the three Americas. Their discovery and settlement by Corbett Eunice C. (1890)

Discovery and exploration of the Mississippi Valley by Shea John Gilmary (1890)

The English rediscovery and colonization of America by Shipley John B. (1891)

The discovery of America (1892)

1. Strabo. Strabo's introduction to geography.
2. [Eiriks Páttr Rauoa] The voyage to Vinland.
3. Polo, M. Marco Polo's account of Japan and Java.
4. Colombo, C. Columbus's letter to Gabriel Sanchez.
5. Vespucci, A. Amerigo Vespucci's account of his first voyage; letter to Pier Soderini.
6. Cortés, [H.] Cortes's account of the city of Mexico; from his second letter to the Emperor Charles.
7. The death of De Soto; from the "Narrative of the gentleman of Elvas."
8. Hakluyt, [R.] The voyages of the Cabots; from [his] "Principles of navigations, voyages and discoveries of the English nation."


Casas Bartolomé de las (1474-1566)

Еarly Spanish historian and Dominican missionary who was the first to expose the oppression of indigenous peoples by Europeans in the Americas and to call for the abolition of slavery there. His several works include "Historia de las Indias" (first printed in 1875). A prolific writer and in his later years an influential figure of the Spanish court, Las Casas nonetheless failed to stay the progressive enslavement of the indigenous peoples of Latin America.

An account of the first voyages and discoveries made by the Spaniards in America : containing the most exact relation hitherto publish'd, of their unparallel'd cruelties on the Indians... by Casas Bartolomé de las (1699)

A translation from the French, apparently from the Relation des voyages et des découvertes que les Espagnols ont fait dans les Indes Occidentales ... Amsterdam, 1698

Personal narrative of the first voyage of Columbus to America : from a manuscript recently discovered in Spain by Columbus Christopher (1827)

Welles C. M.

Three years' wanderings of a Connecticut yankee : in South America, Africa, Australia, and California, with descriptions of the several countries, manners, customs and conditions of the people, including miners, natives, etc. ; also, a detailed account of a voyage around the world ... also, various incidents of life on shipboard by Welles C. M. (1860)

Discovery and exploration by Brittain Alfred (1903)

Pre-Columbian discoveries
Europe and Asia before the time of Columbus
The discoverer advocating his project
Journal of the first voyage. The voyage to the West
Journal of the first voyage. Exploration
Journal of the first voyage. Triumphant return
The other voyages and explorations of Columbus
Amerigo Vespucci and the discovery of the continent
Discoveries of the Cabots and Cortereals in North America
Spanish exploration in Florida and Mexico
Spanish exploration of the interior
The voyage of Verrazano for the French
French exploration of the North
French exploration of the interior
The English sea kings
English exploration in Virginia and New England
Henry Hudson and Dutch exploration
The search for the Northwest Passage

Early English and French voyages by Burrage Henry Sweetser (1906)

Heroes of discovery in America by Morris Charles (1906)

Exploration, discovery and conquest of the New world by Kelsey D. M. (1910)

The period of discovery by Mckee Joseph Vincent (1914)